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Amenities provided by Ashray

Doctor On Call

Ashray Living believes healthcare should be easily available. That is why; doctor on call is available at the time of need or emergency.

Affluence Gym Space

Healthy mind needs a healthy body. Students, especially boys, are keen on going to gym. Ashray Living is one of the few pgs which has a well-structured gym.

Maintenance Services

The team of Ashray Living is very responsive and reachable. Ashray Living makes sure that the residents do not have any inconvenience, so plumber service is available instantly.

Bluetooth Shower Head

Bluetooth shower head lets you take your music into the bathroom, without worrying about damage from water. Ashray Living has it all!


Prepping dishes from north and south India, the in- house kitchen of Ashray living serves the meal 4 times a day. For all your midnight cravings, the kitchen is open 24*7.

High Speed WiFi

Dont we hate it when we are working on an important assignment and the internet stop working? Ashray Living provides high-speed Wi-Fi upto1 Gbps to all its residents.

Premium Laundry With Fold/Ironing

Worried about pile of clothes that needs to be washed? Worry no more! Ashray Living provides a premium laundry service with ironing/ folding.

24 Hour CCTV Surveillance

Security is a major concern, especially in todays world. Ashray Living has 24 hour CCTV surveillance for total security. They are installed in every entry and corner of Ashray Living.

Study Lounge

For uninterrupted studies, Ashray Living study lounge is perfect. The interiors are done keeping youngsters in mind. It provides the needed quiet time.

Personal Parking Space

Parking has become a major issue; especially in a city like Delhi. At Ashray Living, Personal parking for all the residents is also available.

All utility Bills

Ashray Livings objective is to give you a premium stay experience with comfort. That is why all the prices are inclusive. Just come over with your suitcases and rest assured.

Face Recognition Entry & Exit

Security is a major concern. Ashray Living has a Retina biometric entry for total security and safety, so that no one can enter without permission.

Vending Machine

Vending machine is placed in Ashray Living for your quick coffee breaks. Now you do not have to wait for your favorite snack or lemon water anymore!

Power back Up With AC 24*7

To make sure that the cut down in power does not trouble you, Ashray Living is well equipped with 24/7 power back up with ac.

Security Guards 24/7

PGs requires a constant physical surveillance for total security. Ashray Living has 24 hours trained and dedicated security guards. Your safety is our top priority.

Pick & Drop Service For Airport

You do not have to worry about how to reach us in new city. Pick up and drop for airport is available for all the residents of Ashray Living.

Co-Operative Management

The team of Ashray Living strives to ensure that you get a perfect home comfort. The team is very responsive and approachable.

Daily House Keeping

Unlike other PGs, the housekeeping team of Ashray Living cleans the room every day. Cleanliness and hygiene are maintained all the time.

Leisurely Kitchen Service

Prepping dishes from north and south India, the in- house kitchen of Ashray living serves the meal 4 times a day. For all your midnight cravings, the kitchen is open 24*7.

Guest Room For Parents

You do not have to worry about where your parents will stay when they visit you. Ashray Living is like your second home. Your parents can enjoy their stay in our guest rooms.

Outdoor Space

The beautiful outdoor space is a perfect place to relax and chill out with friends. For every get-together or party, for morning runs or evening walks, Ashray Living has outdoor space to do it all.

Room With Spectacular opulence

Besides attending college, students spend maximum time in their rooms. Thus, the rooms of Ashray Living are luxurious with attached bathroom. Every accessory is handpicked.


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